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Cleaning your gutters is something that should be done regularly as part of home maintenance. This is typically a job that needs to be done either annually or biannually, depending on your climate and the amount of trees near your home. Gutter cleaning Birmingham will make the job a lot easier on you as they have experience working on a ladder, and can save you the headache of doing the job as well as the risk of falling. Also by using a reputable gutter cleaning professional, you can protect yourself from having to pay for any injuries compared to hiring a neighbor or teenager to do it.

Cost Factors

Assuming there is easy access up to the gutter height then the following cost guide will apply for a typical property with 15 metres of gutters:

  • London Area £150.00 £200.00
  • South, SW and Midlands £125.00 £150.00
  • Outer Region and North £95.00 £125.00

House Height

A single-story house will have the lowest gutter cleaning costs. The cost to clean gutters will increase with each story. If you have more than two stories, then the taller stories might be charged on a higher rate than the lower ones because it increases the risk and usually requires special equipment.

Gutter Size

The cost to clean gutters is sometimes determined by the amount of linear feet of gutters or by the square footage of the home. Either way, the larger your home, the more you can expect gutter cleaning costs will be.

Gutter Condition

If you haven’t had your gutters cleaned out in awhile, then the cost to clean gutters will probably be higher. If there is a lot of debris to remove, then the job might take longer. Gutter cleaning costs may reflect that extra time.

How to Reduce Gutter Cleaning Maintenance and Costs

After having the gutters cleaned out, you could consider installing a gutter guard, such as a mesh, grill or brush. These will keep leaves, twigs and roof moss out of the guttering and will reduce the overall maintenance of the roof gutters. You could also have the moss from the roof removed and a chemical treatment applied to the tiles to prevent re-growth. Also, consider cutting back any overhanging tree branches.

Tips on How to Maintain Your Gutters

The importance of maintaining your gutters can not be overstated. While we recommend having a professional do it for you, you may be someone who loves DIY projects.

  • Equip yourself with the right tools—including a ladder, putty knife / blade, and work gloves.
  • Use a good garden hose to test the gutters once they have been cleaned out completely.
  • Know the areas of your gutter that are the most prone to clogging so you can plot your path.
  • Do not ever use the gutters to support your weight and never hang anything off of them.

You should also consider gutter guards, which can eliminate the need for seasonal cleaning. These can save you money in the long-run because they will minimize cleanup needs and prevent costly damage.

What Happens if Gutters Are Not Cleared Out Frequently?

This is what can happen if you don’t clear out gutters frequently:

  • Overflowing onto walls and window sils
  • Rotting fascia boards
  • Blocked rainwater pipes and underground drains
  • Rubber gutter seals will saturate and rot/fail earlier than they otherwise would

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