Luxury Israel – Why would you want to settle for less than Judah Tours in Israel?

Tourism is alive and well in Israel. More than 3 million foreign tourists visited the country and set a new record. The Israeli newsletter stated that S & P had maintained Israel’s credit rating at “A” and the expected rating at “stable” – and they should know! So, let’s make a trip – a luxurious trip to Israel.

A luxury visit to Israel can begin at your home, where you can be picked up and taken to the airport in a luxury car driven by a driver or even a limousine. If you wish, professional staff will come in and pack your bags for you, bringing your luggage along the journey, unpacked at each new location (even your golf clubs). Your personal concierge can handle all airline transfers and boarding passes. You will never have to queue. It may be wise to participate in a Mediterranean cruise and arrive in Israel aboard a luxury liner. Arrival by private yacht is also possible. Visit Israel in small groups or ask your concierge to arrange a private and personalized tour around you. It’s luxurious Israel!

Where are we going? What to see?

  • Judah Tours, It is located in the heart of the city with modern facilities and offers a five-star luxury service including a concierge service. Jerusalem is the holiest city of Judaism (the city of King David), home to the oldest existing Islamic building in the world (the dome of the rock). Christians believe that this is the site of Jesus’ crucifixion and burial. It’s a holy city! Do not forget the wall of tears that have been built and rebuilt over the centuries.
  • Tel Aviv is the city that never stops. In summer, the beach takes its place as the center of life. Enjoy the sand, the sun and the water during the day and the bars at night. The cafes open 24 hours a day offer quality coffee. the restaurants offer the best price. Bars and discos usually open at 1 pm. 12 midnight is packed. 1 and go all night. On weekends (Thursday-Saturday), the “residents of the city” join the local and tourist crowd. So be sure to arrive early or ask your concierge to make reservations.
  • Do you need an interest in archeology? Caesarea is one of the main archaeological sites of Israel. Hellenistic cities, Roman fortresses and Crusader castles abound. Did you know that Israel has several museums a year? Resident than anywhere in the world? You can visit the sites or visit the museums. Just visit the luxurious style of Israel. Caesarea is also home to Israel’s only full-size golf course. If you like sunny beaches and resorts, try the following destinations:
  • The Red Sea offers breathtaking views of the beautiful Red Mountains. You can rent a luxury apartment or a beautiful villa; fish in a luxury safari boat or go scuba diving. Do not forget the pictures!
  • The Dead Sea, the lowest point on the planet, is about 400 meters below sea level. Their mineral mud is exported all over the world. You can rent a royal three-bedroom villa located directly on the beach or stay at the five-star Crowne Plaza Dead Sea which has its own private beach. Their spa offers 54 types of treatments. These include a sauna, a hot tub, and a Dead Sea water pool, where Dead Sea water is brought in and heated, and then an indoor pool is added. You may also be interested in a massage, reflexology or seaweed treatment. Allow yourself to be coated!

Whether you’re snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing or sailing on a glass-hulled boat, you’ll experience a luxurious experience in Israel. As usual, Judah Tours can arrange exclusive access to local activities and experts and the security of “express border crossings”. Everything can be customized to your individual interests and needs.

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